If time can

If time can

According to Jiang's tour

While Saturday morning there is no class, I will be out of the house. Stepping on the steps, across the packet, alone to stray, wandering around the so-called, is nothing more than just, right, in order to prevent the boring, I brought my intimate partner -- the walkman.

Against Beijing on the noisy, came to the river square. See set up dozens of shed, thought, and is engaged in what promotion will strike, it's not my place to stay, then hurried on the dike.

A levee, gives people the feeling as like as chalk and cheese. Although Jinyang pawn, but after all, is the early days, it is not very hot, just look up and can not be directly. The wind is a bit large, across the river, with the water straight blowing my face, can put the micro Yang heat to go. Along the river walk, a stretch as far as eye can see the river with me without stop, there are green with me, a gentle breeze sent me, also do not feel lonely.

Random walk a, the Linjiang street. It is Linjiang Street ah, and Jiang only separated column distance, one not careful will fall feeling. The river, there are several of the old man fishing, and swing, and bar. However is not a fish figure out the river. At first I was laugh, smile why they are fishing for so long is not caught, then some take pleasure in other people's misfortune to walk away. But after walking a long way, I once again laugh, the laugh blush. Laugh at yourself even swing and rods are do not cut, I laugh others.

Then go down, came to the top office. There was a labyrinth that side, through the quiet place. There is a school, not tell is a primary school or middle school, the teaching building is not high, may be the primary school ", was named Linjiang. And look, is a path, it is a maze. It is some two cubits monk cannot touch his head, but the surface of fear is eventually arrived but strong curiosity and strong desire for knowledge, or walked past. The soles of the feet is no longer hard cement, replace sb. is soft soil, may be a few days before the rain invaded because of the strike.

Several grass warbler contend for warm tree but I have not seen, but the two peck Chunni nesting swallow attracted my attention, flying up and down, not fatigue. Mud, again and again, constantly.

Went to the depths, turns out to be some big warehouse. There is put the food, packed full Cangman warehouse, however each warehouse or standing or lying down with a tough housekeeping experts -- a dog, too, there are so many goods! Lost who is responsible?

Go forward, one can only barely two people, and is based on one side, through my personal or more than sufficient. Take a look at the past, I can not help but greatly disappoint one's hopes, but a family to accumulate a large pool fertilizer only, although it is somewhat difficult to into the nose smell, but also can resist the fragrance of the earth?

Helpless, only to turn back, but this and why? When it is all "continue to be found in the field of the known, the unknown constant exploration" this word to say.

The "path" cannot bear to think of the past, imperceptibly is already noon, the burning sun pawn, but this again? When the military, it is much more serious than the breeze, and has not gone? Perhaps more bigger? You never know!
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Ink language in China

Years such as the catkins, gone with the wind fly in the four seasons of life, freedom, like the wind. Ju Yipeng thoughts such as wine, drunk all desire, will all my thoughts flying in the wind, drifting into the sky at the end of NuHart......

The quiet, let your thoughts is wanton spread, subtle fragrance into the heart, pick up a pen, profit grip a simple but elegant, with a cup of tea, listening to a soothing soft music, quietly heart in between heaven and earth, light write our own life. Sentimental heart, gradually in the years precipitation. Enron in own world, silent love for words, leave deep shallow trace. Jiangnan style, still lingering, ink language in China, because a know NuHart, so at ease with a glance, a phase lead, immeasurably vast difference.

Put a note in the ink, twist a Mexican, over and over again with your name, Miss rubbed into the fragrance of ink, a drop of tears NuHart, overflow water tenderness, gently put you into my verse. Write something about meet, about fate, memory about things, let love grow whirling a leaf tree, full of Bodhi flower. A slight smile, my deep feeling, a Susan, spend their time. Between the lofty red, tender tender, review, our distance, lean the preexistence of attachment, save full of Acacia, light overflow in the apex. Give you my story, singing in the days, the constant thought, engraved in all the time, make a forever warm, so, quietly in the heart.

The night felt, Xinghe vast, month soft as water is infinite, bead curtain manjuan, Diaolan silently, the breeze feather, reluctantly bid farewell, Miss through time and space, through my fingertips. Search through the JX trip, there resides in the Mo flowers. Every word Acacia, grind ink, a fragrance. The heart and the heart of no distance, nothing can block the two love soul hong thai travel.

Who is it? Keep the Millennium lonely, staring at the human vicissitudes, through the moving picture scroll, reincarnation in the three realms, to thousands of the world's selloff, causal worthy of fate of the edge. Who is in the dream, we exhibit one handle, drunk that Confidante feminine heart? A millennium Guyun, song for you, a woman's feelings.

Cannot conceal, blinking eyes flowing out of season, in the most deeply moved. Any thoughts over the years past, immersed in the memories of the warmth, gentle, warm. In life, you will always be my spring. The lingering shadow, fixed in with your fragment, into the eternal moment!

Articles of emotion, follow a zither rhyme, blow Xiao cloud water, air, in the style of Tang Song Yuzhong Rondo, through a thousand years. Rain in Jiangnan, as if you are my destiny in agreement, only for this agreement, waiting for you, willow shore dressed in white snow young, Tianshan Edgeworth, gallop, through the trials of a long journey, stepping on the stone paved path encounters and I leisurely, encounter in the quiet long long quiet rain lane. The night wind whistling, with my clothes fly, walk in beautiful West Lake, lotus pond, meet the broken bridge, Jiangnan woman umbrella with, bridges people, a beautiful Jiangnan picture. With a smile, and then frames Millennium looking eyes, just to be with you again white dream that drunk through the long. No regrets design together with the times, in this life only to meet with you, no matter how time circulation, let love will never change......

In this way, and you, spend every night and day.

The night was quiet, shallow light. Face a window to listen to, the dim moonlight of a soft wind, float to love sweet, warm frozen heart, two Xiangxi heart clung together. Even if the hair become white hair, your appearance does not change, I will expect, azure misty rain, and I am waiting for you. Next time, I will wait for you, stand in situ, and so you come to me.
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Fish and photo

Lonely, will always remember the life of every man. Because it does not see, so miss; because the miss, so lonely, so lonely lonely. Smile is the lonely coat, strong is lonely Propecia.

The meteor shot, too late to make a wish, fleeting.

You, illusion and reality, misty and vivid, as if a cloud in the sky; you, gently across my weakness, although only a moment, but leave a scar. After a while, the sun is still, the heart is coolManaged Network.

I, without too much. You are the wind, your world is million in the sky. I, a fish tail bamboo in the stream. Million in the sky, just a dream I leapt out of the water. Cloud in the sky, the fish in the water. The remaining, only the slightest cool.

You didn't mean to, but my heart was sad Best Restaurants in Hong Kong; I was in no mood, it makes my heart to you.

But, stubborn and look up at the sky, looking for the traces of you aveeno baby hk, increasingly blurred.
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The beautiful mother river

Today, my mother took me to the return of the native River, experience the beauty of nature, I feel very excitedManaged Security.

First stop: the Bank of the river

First of all, we came to the river. The wind today, warm, blowing on the river, the river laughed out wrinkles. The river is very clear, one can see the river fish. I totally intoxicated in this beautiful scenery. Mom called me, I came back Veda Salon.

Second station: Lotus Pond

Walked, we imperceptibly came to Lotus Pond. A piece of lotus leaf is covered with the surface of the water, a branch of the lotus stand gracefully erect, too beautiful. I couldn't help but pick up the camera "click, click" whack a, only careful observation on the lotus. I saw the lotus sister who put all kinds of pose, some crooked head, some bent, and waved to me. They look also each are not identical, be in early puberty, with half closed, there's been a smiling bloom...... Really let people see things in a blur. Add lotus leaf endure endure crowded crowded shoulder to shoulder stand together, forming a crooked green ripple mark. It should be Wanli Yang's poem "next day leaves infinite Bi, lotus flowers in red." Look at that come out of the dirty mud unsoiled lotus, I think, we are not should learn the spirit of lotuswomen clothing online?

Third station: Leisure Park

I was thinking, came to the mother and leisure park. Here the green grass, colorful flowers, tall trees, clean the seat...... All this makes people feel very warm, so that passers-by are here to stop for a while.

Almost noon, mother reminded me that I had to go home, and unable to part from to leave this beautiful place. Yes, this beautiful environment who does not aspire to? I sincerely hope that everyone to protect the environment, Protect environment, let our mother river more beautiful!
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