• Accompanied by her laughter, casual and were walking in the crowd rushed past, and has no linger on the side of the road landscape of the road. But I somehow stopped, Dream beauty pro suddenly see you holding my hand told me one-liners slowly walk from there. Immediately, again, I was dragged back to me the days together with you, do you still remember? It was raining, although I brought my umbre... 続きを読む
  • I always thought of losing you. I can't breathe. My heart will suffocate. My life have no meaning... Now think about just understand. We just each other in the life traveler. Although helpless Dream beauty pro. But I still learned to let go. The original heart is really a voice. Only yourself can hear voice... You are an angel. Let me know happiness. Know heaven. Know that I can be so happy and ... 続きを読む
  • When idle, DuZhuo orphan works has its own QingHuan; Busy, a lot of fear on a daily basis. If a man tired, then depart Dream beauty pro, If heart is moved, and travel. Travel thousands of miles, over mountains, The wind chase hot summer beautiful scenery. High in the blue sky on the static see clouds scud across Dream beauty pro, Feel the joy of the wind light cloud light; In the ancient c... 続きを読む
  • Time, will let us less pain. Time, always taught us to grow. What we need is time. Always thought, fell in love with a person, we will have to be forever is not a change of heart, always think we can wait until mianmianzhong fate meet again. Long-distance romance on a string Dream beauty pro, when the clouds cleared, two intersecting line stagger, when we didn't know I but is in office Always thou... 続きを読む