If time can

If time can

Police in Belfast

TWO POLICE OFFICERS narrowly escaped injury last night when two pipe bombs were thrown at them as they responded to a 999 callbusiness vpn service.

The two PSNI members were alighting from their vehicle on the Crumlin Road in Belfast in the early hours of this morning when the missiles were propelled towards themotterbox.

Neither were injured but both were said to be “badly shaken” by the event Asian college of knowledge management.

“”This was a blatant attempt to murder our police officers who were out protecting the community,” Chief Inspector Andrew Freeburn, North Belfast Area Commander, said in a statement condemning the attackGo Organize.

“It is just sheer good fortune that they were not killed or seriously injured. Whoever carried out this attack showed total disregard for the officers and the people within this community Set up Business in Hong Kong.”

A number of houses in the area remain evacuated and the Ballysillan Leisure Centre has been opened to accommodate residents storage cabinet.

More information about the incident is expected to be released later this morning at a press briefing with Freeburn.
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