If time can

If time can

The autumn morning

Cold autumn morning, cold, cold cream, leaves;

A warm, warm, warm, warm days.

Because to understand, the best of everything; because of the existence of, your warm.

Walking in the familiar street, a burst of autumn wind, leaves the gorgeous head rotation, g-suite manchester add a bit of poetry as the depression of the late autumn. "Every autumn sad lonely since ancient times" set foot on a layer of yellow leaves, hearts can increase somewhat melancholy, some sentimental.

A prosperous so smug ended. In my mind's eye is a spring season of vigor. In early spring, the grass drilled the ground, his pointy little head, naughty and looked curiously, the branches are cute little green dress, her smile. All life in the joy, gushing, diffuse, publicity. In with sun shine, in a spring breeze caress, kiss in a field rain, the earth everywhere spread with green, bouncing vigor, Pentium with hope. When the vitality and joy people still immersed in the spring brings in late spring, quietly, with a tree full of greenery, with over the grass, the deep life color generous sprinkling, green the world, warm the earth, beautiful heart. Take the field in the wild g-suite in oldham, you cannot help but want to open arms, shout, run,,, look, flowers, all over the mountains and plains, brilliant purples and reds, be exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful, at this time, the world ushered in the spring festival. I want to lie on the soft grass, accompanied by the delicate fragrance, make a long dream.

Time flies, the four seasons, a life how the enemy had a season chill? A passion for how to endure season thin cool? One busy eventually subsided.

A wind blowing, chilly cold, the leaves lightly circled in the air, only a short stay, then, the rustling fall, pieces of yellow leaves on the ground accumulation, superposition, rely on. I was too sentimental., time rolls on, litter alternately, g-suite cardinal manchester is how the natural phenomenon ah, why can be brought back light my thoughts? I bent down to pick up a leaf, looked at night, thinking, feeling, understanding.......

The cold autumn, bring us not only depression, melancholy, lonely, sad, I think: Autumn brought us more is thick, rich, precipitation, introverted.
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