If time can

If time can

One quarter

Time is so ruthless, no sound to get you out of my life are pulling away. I thought, you just go, now just know, we two lonely figure, has been the fate deeply gashed distance, you, I, go north, southStorage for toys.

In such a hot summer day, my heart is the same as the autumn bleak, winter as wild. I want to use the warm air to the bottom of my heart, autumn pool drying, who know that a wet hide all to the mottled moss afterotter box iphone case.

In this world, I with memories of past lives, with cure my leave my mark, through thousands of years of wind and rain and astringent, love. Along the way, I stop and go, looking for her, finally, in the breezy summer, in a casual moment, you met in the south of the Yangtze riverfashion men clothing wholesale.

In order to find you, I missed a lot of beauty, miss watching the flowers bloom mood, but I do not regret it, because you are my life the most beautiful meet, for you, I have the whole world. The flower color. Your arrival, I brushed the rove all over the world alone, I am wandering soul no longer wandering around between the pavilions, Mei Mei above water.

For you, I would be dust in flowers, no matter what year, what a summer.

Because of you, whenever I go to where, I see all the beautiful scenery, I heard the song is melodious. In winter, I use your text heating; hot summer here, I use your song cool; in spring, I planted my heart is gentle and romantic; in autumn, I in your heart you harvest the true meaning of love and friendship.

The Jiangnan rain, rendering the most beautiful season, in the misty rain, we were on a little umbrella, straight, not drunk......

In this world, what happiness can better than you?

With you in Shouxiang day, I always see the day is sunny, flowers are blooming everywhere; I heard the bird is hooty, song is melodious; I always feel, the wind is gentle, the heart is warm.

Then, every day, like a flower in full bloom in the wind over the water, quietly knitting the earth dream, gently swaying in the world of mortals the depths......
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