If time can

If time can

Qinglong Gorge Crusoe

Summer day morning, dad and I got up early, I have a look out the window, sunshine sunshine still shining through the window, a trace of the sunblack bedroom furniture.

Suddenly, dad said "people to people, we went to Qinglong Gorge drifting! What? Heard that there is a lot of fun ", I heard. Happy to scamper, I readily agreed. After lunch, dad and I'm ready clothes. A handsome sun hat and sunglasses, braved the scorching sun, we first take the bus to the travel agency. After buying the car to the Qinglong Gorge gate. I looked towards the door. There are two big trees on both sides of the door. Like the two are soldiers on guard, the murmur of flowing water is way and to the aroma assail the nostrils, a nature, dad and I went on Qinglongshan, listen to the tour guide said that the Qinglong Gorge is to drift in the mountain, from the mountains to drift downiPad cover......

Oh! Here, we heard the voice behind the waterfall. Turned to see. OMG, frighten me to jump, the back is a waterfall, majestic peaks. My father and I are ready to wear a life jacketwomen clothing hk, take a paddle, wearing a helmet, sitting on the rubber boats, we sat up, rope of a lost. Wow, a rubber boat after water emergency water run, then, somehow. The boat suddenly down and up, our whole body who get wet, my father and I said really cool ah, finally, we spent half an hour, arrived at the end station.

On the way home, dad and I would be reluctant to part, miss!
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