If time can

If time can

Otherwise your beautiful!

An autumn leaf falling like, let the footsteps of the season became so hastily; what a red dust, let the life back into the war so beautiful. Be neither humble nor pushy, also not a loss; and calmly, no complaints from the war. Corner sat in the yearsLocal Express, at long time, seasonal rivers still spectacular and beautiful, the sky is still brilliant! Time is like water, flowing quietly, suddenly look back, it has been washed away, disappear Not the least trace was found. Not sigh, then drowns in the long river of time.

My mind set in their writings, Jiqing to landscape, message in autumn. Let yesterday limpid time, as today's aesthetic. A free and easy, a calm, a warmth, a thick, an indifferent, a quiet. Let such as the lotus heart, filled with a plain, gentle fleeting; let the tender feeling, with leaves whirling, lingering gentle. Cut a piece of autumn, mottled fleeting; in the sunlight, warm a red companions; with a time of aloes, change my tenderness thousands, foreverCanadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration!

Thewindow day becomes cool, the wind blew the leaves yellow. Although it is night fall red into war, will send fragrance of chrysanthemum. A riot of colour as, eventually arrived but a cold autumn night! A field of flowers in a hurry, obsessed with who wait? A wisp of breeze blowing, cold. The flow of time, flowers volatilepolo shirts for men.

Deep standing season, quietly listening to the sound of falling flowers, let the memory of magic into a butterfly, and deciduous rise and dance in a happy mood. With the cycle of reincarnation, lingering Speechless, fluttering Sasa, dance to make life beautiful! No fear of wind and rain, even if is the moment of youth, had not left a trace of regret, a sigh. The life of the interpretation of a more perfect, more meaningful!

The journey of life, like the seasons and weather, muddy, and blue skies. Flower, originated, meet, love margin of shallow, total experience constantly. In fact, life is a journey, stop and go, always be missing, and lost in get in. Who can not have completely, those who miss the season, the combination of beautiful, always stay in the memory. Through the long red, gradually understand, everyone of us is just a traveler in a hurry, don't choose to retain what, as long as the once had, experienced, is enough.

The essence of life is experience, experience the beauty of life, experience the beauty of the world, the more wonderful than! Lost, has been unable to retain, unknown, unpredictable, grasp the present, look to the future. There are spring flowers and autumn months, the summer there are cool winter snow. Ying Yi Hoai open-minded and calm, precipitating a comfortable and quiet, perhaps open a window, and a bunch of beautiful dawn!

In the late evening? Is, to hide the sun, the sunset people. A sunset sunset, diarrhea in the mottled shadows, so warm and serene. The distance vaguely visible trees and buildings, and the grass and wild flowers, I do not know autumn has come, swaying expectation of life. Several white clouds hint, a late red Ying west. Longing for a good cloud elegant, days of blue; this time, the world is so clear and clean, the heart becomes high, dream with Heartbeat, will fly to the sky.
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