If time can

If time can

The world of mortals

No matter in what season, as long as saw flowers, will be in my mind there emerges a name -- Eileen Chang. As a world wonder woman, Eileen Chang is not beautiful, but her words, whether it is dance, or silence, what kind of attitude is enough to allurewomen t shirts for sale .

This world of mortals, Eileen Chang gently, quietly and to, no dust, only get blurred. In September of that year, because of her departure, the wind a little more bleak, leaves a bit more beautiful

Think of Eileen Chang, my heart is always filled with worship and respect, which also have some sympathy and regret. When she was carrying a surd Taguo red, the original gray spatial instant multi color. When the sob her wandering footsteps quietly into the September, when every corner began more than a knowLED Light Design.

The name "Eileen Chang" was once the world forgot, now is the world back, she pursued, so hard and half wandering miserable, and she in the text on the trek all the way, let love her forever love deeply.

"To see him, she becomes very low very low, low to the dust, but her heart is joy, open flowers from dust." Whenever I think of this sentence back Eileen Chang sent photos of Hu Lancheng wrote, I have a shock. This can be a static world flowers bloom and the woman can love so humble, one can imagine, hidden in her aloof to the attitude is what a crazy for love heart.

If not for her love to proceed without hesitation, if not for her love of a moth, if not for her love that rigid, finally, how to "because to understand, so mercy" this word for love the most profound understand?

Many people always cannot help to think of, maybe she should not fall into the whirlpool of feelings and Hu Lancheng, more should not put his love for Hu Lancheng was buried in the grave, maybe she should be a paper umbrella, propped up a curtain of rain, hold one? The truth of the hand, I leisurely in the dust; or, she should a pot of tea, a volume of poetry, life in the red corner sat, ask fleeting resurrection, not with the secular entangled, but, if so, the world where countless people indulge in elaborating on about her legend? The world where many people wandering around on her front to back? If so, "and how Eileen Chang" this three word become a classic Chinese literature?

I fell in love with Eileen Chang because of her statement: "for the millions of people, met you, in thousands of people, in the boundless wilderness time, no early step, and no later step, as it happened, there is nothing to say, only gently ask: Oh, you also here?" I believe in love with Eileen Chang, mostly her words. I don't understand the charm of the text is much, when I met Eileen Chang's words, I know, there's a word can be like rain run silent, there is a kind of text can be silent footsteps to the human soul.

Fireworks fleeting time, Men's feelings are changeable., all knowing, Eileen Chang allow others to spread embroidered stories and malicious gossip, with a gesture of Enron in the world remain aloof from the world, her words and actions in each human heart with different projection.

Many people say that Eileen Chang should fall into the mundane world of elves, her sweet soul has come the clouds drifting away, but her story and her words are never really cleared with her, she has taken place even desolation, is also a kind of beautiful.

The world of mortals, Eileen Chang. Her a pen, write to the earthly fireworks, try to write the love hate love, but don't do their grief at separation and joy in Union, perhaps, is also a beautiful ending her last silent departure.

The years go by, her fragrance always float.

Eileen Chang's life, a real live, love clearly, her life and death is a kind of isolated position, when she like the flower fades, when she chose to quietly let your life is over, she left the world again is an eternal figure?

I always read her, read her bit by bit, I will through her words to touch her true heart, then, will hold a know, to find her lost old clouds in voice.

At the moment, I think of Eileen Chang, picture this picture: the love is low to the dust. The woman, a blue and white dress, with books, micro raises his head, through the misty rain, through the old Shanghai Nong Xiang, is quietly coming......
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