If time can

If time can

The beautiful mother river

Today, my mother took me to the return of the native River, experience the beauty of nature, I feel very excitedManaged Security.

First stop: the Bank of the river

First of all, we came to the river. The wind today, warm, blowing on the river, the river laughed out wrinkles. The river is very clear, one can see the river fish. I totally intoxicated in this beautiful scenery. Mom called me, I came back Veda Salon.

Second station: Lotus Pond

Walked, we imperceptibly came to Lotus Pond. A piece of lotus leaf is covered with the surface of the water, a branch of the lotus stand gracefully erect, too beautiful. I couldn't help but pick up the camera "click, click" whack a, only careful observation on the lotus. I saw the lotus sister who put all kinds of pose, some crooked head, some bent, and waved to me. They look also each are not identical, be in early puberty, with half closed, there's been a smiling bloom...... Really let people see things in a blur. Add lotus leaf endure endure crowded crowded shoulder to shoulder stand together, forming a crooked green ripple mark. It should be Wanli Yang's poem "next day leaves infinite Bi, lotus flowers in red." Look at that come out of the dirty mud unsoiled lotus, I think, we are not should learn the spirit of lotuswomen clothing online?

Third station: Leisure Park

I was thinking, came to the mother and leisure park. Here the green grass, colorful flowers, tall trees, clean the seat...... All this makes people feel very warm, so that passers-by are here to stop for a while.

Almost noon, mother reminded me that I had to go home, and unable to part from to leave this beautiful place. Yes, this beautiful environment who does not aspire to? I sincerely hope that everyone to protect the environment, Protect environment, let our mother river more beautiful!
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