Street lights and moths

One night the wind gently scratching itch, so that the dark night can not help a muffled laughter, in the air inside Dangqi ripples lonely.

Meniscus horizon that a bright hanging high in the night sky, a soft warm glow in the stars of the foil, dotted with the quiet earth. At this point, nu skin it is night. Past the bustling street now is desolate, just occasionally a few cars in the broad street flashed by, is not difficult to see from the fast speed in a day's work, they have been very tired, no mood to enjoy the quiet and easy, they just want to quickly back to the home, the comfort of a cosy nest in the service of the sleep, in order to eliminate work caused by fatigue.

The road on both sides of the white poplar is not the day that forceful momentum, it carries a thin layer of snow white branches droop, swaying in the breeze under the drive around, looks like a very sleepy creatures lazily to yawn, may at any time to enter the dreamland. The cold moonlight, the night breeze. In this quiet night, all already sleep, only the lamp stand on the side of the road, street lamps still shine, in the silence of the night of hard work.

It has a simple body, but has a remarkable achievement; it is the city's beautician, because it makes the whole city and they are in the night. Its brightness dazzles the eyes.; it is human friend, in every dark night for those tired people illuminate the way home. It is the street lamp! It work diligently and conscientiously, g-suite cardinal unknown to the public, no matter -- lose one's temper or expose to wind and rain; in hot summer or cold winter, it has insisted on own post, did not relax. His life is very simple also, rest during the day, night work, day so year after year past, although some boring, but very substantial.

However, in this unusual night, one of the guests from afar accidentally broke into the light world, changed his original -- the thin, weak Jiao Qu in the cool tiny shiver life, behind a pair of crystal gray wings still gently to the. She like the night in the wizard, walked with mysterious dance, jump beautiful dance, broke into the street in the world.

Street has been the unexpected guests deeply attracted, in his heart, she is like a beautiful Cinderella accidentally came to his side g-suite cardinal manchester. Her gentle temperament, melancholy eyes, all that is infatuated with him stupid, inextricably bogged down in. The jump beautiful dance in the street, and street lamp affectionate gaze as moths, suddenly, the world seemed to have only two of them, her dance for him, his head tilt for her.