If time can

If time can

What we need is time

Time, will let us less pain. Time, always taught us to grow. What we need is time.
Always thought, fell in love with a person, we will have to be forever is not a change of heart, always think we can wait until mianmianzhong fate meet again. Long-distance romance on a string Dream beauty pro, when the clouds cleared, two intersecting line stagger, when we didn't know I but is in office
Always thought that we love someone, love, life and under etc. Go, until the vicissitudes of life change color, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. When everyone told us that don't need, he is not as good as you think, but we would rather believe oneself give oneself weaving fairy tale, don't want to believe that man said.
Always think that they love a person, love to do anything for him, love to the magnificent background until you turn that a lonely. Who first love, who first to leave. Always thought that the first person to turn is the best, watch favorite people far away, we think that is a lifetime, in my life, was he, in addition to him Dream beauty pro, none of us will not love again.
Heart is numb to the sentiment, the tears flow out, is there anything else you should always stick to, have been waiting for? There are some things that may not be as happy as we imagine, we are not as weak as you think. At heart ask yourself that, in fact, we have not in simply love this man, we just fall in love with his unwilling. Heart, no one willing to inferior to others, who want to own everything is beautiful, bar none
Ask, lose him, you really go to dead? Perhaps the moment yes, but after ten days, one hundred days later, after a few years? One day, you suddenly wake up, maybe you will think, why, once myself so not put, why, we were so anemic?
In fact, we love only a kind of mood. Beautiful like flowers and come to such as tea tea all over. We loathe to give up than anything else, just meaningless unwilling. Why, when I still love you but you do not love the first? Why, you so love me now but become so cold?
Trapped in the relationship of you, break up in this season, HKUE amec really grasped the significance? For the man who once, perhaps you really love, but you just love that it is impossible to get back and that has been scratching their memories. So, why don't you choose to put down, because, we hope our own happiness, we want to fulfill his own happiness...
Love can have a lot of time Although it is no longer love As long as love is enough. One flower one world, one a bodhi tree.
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