If time can

If time can

If heart is moved, and travel

When idle, DuZhuo orphan works has its own QingHuan;

Busy, a lot of fear on a daily basis.

If a man tired, then depart Dream beauty pro,

If heart is moved, and travel.

Travel thousands of miles, over mountains,

The wind chase hot summer beautiful scenery.

High in the blue sky on the static see clouds scud across Dream beauty pro,

Feel the joy of the wind light cloud light;

In the ancient city of cultural taste historical sites,

Feel the time change.

The day of the summer, light time,

The hot summer, casual mood Dream beauty pro.

Blend in a fidgety heart ancient city of shenyang, pay the landscape, but said gu, ignore tedious, tea appreciation song, with the wind light language.

Aboard the flat top of the mountain of the pavilion, I chuckle relies on the bar, I would like to say speechless Dream beauty pro, you praise people or beautiful scenery beautiful?

Stand in a corner of the paper researches, I stood with a smile, I want to take photos, you say me handsome or very handsome?

Looking back at past the edge of the ancient city walls, I chuckled I wait for you, are you come or not...
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