If time can

If time can

My life have no meaning

I always thought of losing you. I can't breathe. My heart will suffocate. My life have no meaning...

Now think about just understand. We just each other in the life traveler. Although helpless Dream beauty pro. But I still learned to let go. The original heart is really a voice. Only yourself can hear voice...

You are an angel. Let me know happiness. Know heaven. Know that I can be so happy and pure. You are a devil. Let me see the hell. See fickle. See my fragile Dream beauty pro hard sell...

Only in the lonely night. I still will not consciously think of you. I think of you lonely. But I think of you. I think of you shoulder shouldered burden. Carrying the burden of heart. Think of everything about you. Your tears will be in front of who drop. Your loneliness will have who accompany you through Dream beauty pro hard sell. I like a melancholy old woman. Over and over again in the heart to ask yourself...

Perhaps each person's heart is filled with two people, Dream beauty pro one person at our side, a person can only live in our hearts forever. I believe in your heart also lived a me. Maybe we will never meet again. Maybe in once upon a certain day. We will pass by in the crowd. But at that time we had forgotten each other's tenderness. I don't blame fate let I lose you. I don't blame someone. Because I believe life. There will always be the gain and loss...

Forgotten. Locked. I'm still me. Just a lock was great...
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