The invisible you everywhere

Accompanied by her laughter, casual and were walking in the crowd rushed past, and has no linger on the side of the road landscape of the road. But I somehow stopped, Dream beauty pro suddenly see you holding my hand told me one-liners slowly walk from there. Immediately, again, I was dragged back to me the days together with you, do you still remember?

It was raining, although I brought my umbrella umbrella but are not you. Instant occupied by a hint of regret and depressed in the heart, only remember I asked why don't you bring your umbrella when it is raining but you said no. Little lies but my heart is stuffed full of little happiness, because I know there is a boy he is willing to go with me on the same umbrella walking in the rain! But now the real feel with the people around let me no I was just doing a "princess" of the dream Dream beauty pro. Just dream already wake up but I still in the aftertaste, whether you will think of "dream" of me?

In the sounds of sisters, not skating I accompany her to the skating rink by the way, could you want to take a few days to fatigue are scattered on the pulley, Dream beauty pro allow yourself to relax. Don't listen to my command of skates when I want to let me see you again with a clumsy I carefully on the ground sliding at the same time seriously to teach me how to go skating. You focus of look in the eyes, thoughtful action, makes me feel all the boy can't give me an unprecedented sense of security, and the moment when I was in collision with people I'm not afraid, because I believe you won't let me injured, and it is also true! At this point, the fall of that a moment let me feel is so true, so intense pain before go without some pain, just know now is I a person, when the next time you was asked to teach them other girls skating whether you will remember my clumsy?

Now I contact you, if you will think of me? You are everywhere in my life. You from the street skating rink, umbrellas, Dream beauty pro step by step into my life, but now you can only in my memory.