If time can

If time can

Start from the beginning!

Quiet, is a 18 year old boy. A humble abode in Dongyuan a dormitory boys.

In this good than in the cold winter, he quietly opened the hibernation season eyes, came to a strange place to me than -- guangdong.

Forget and how he met, maybe he is in the website to see my text, find me.

Impressed me most is that he began to find I must I do his teacher, and all day long after I taught him to write text.

I'm with profound respect and humility, because my text flat, I should a teacher. He regularly talk to me, I hide it away, I really don't have much time to chat.

He said love literature, please help him under a pseudonym, said later adopted the pen name write.

I felt his little sincere, and so it was for his pseudonym, taking a few days, and indeed for him to a literary relatively strong name.

But he has not used that name, probably doesn't like, you might also feel a bit feminine.

Since then, he walked into my field of vision, came into my life. I do not care about, also did not concern, as the winter cold, even imperceptibly away from me, I also not notice. Just like the seasons, go round and begin again, appear trite and insignificant.
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