If time can

If time can

Lost love!

Interleaving broken memory, hint of melancholy, how to forget? Air, listen to the rain, the rain melancholy night, bleak, just leave. Guzheng, emotion and he Xiao, the shadow cross marks, the wind softly broken base, shadows, and who would listen!

Yuemanxilou, figure dim, a touch of sadness, like a melancholy Rosa, contracted under the night sky to silence. Shadow dark Hui, empty month under the candle, companion dilute, the fleeting time, I lost a year. Dream Yan matchless, thousands of years to change the thinking, what's the explanation for its. The wind Ling cold night, quiet wind Piaoguo fingertip, lonely as the last words, in this miss the note, write down the traces of dreams.

Paper tears inkstone, endless pain. A sad, sad tears all over the face, the miss who treasure! If there is ever of the notes, but the memory is wandering around the margin of missing without care. Residual pen feeling, dreaming, meditate love far, take the time to heal its crime! Pale fingertips tears has become a ruin, calligraphy and painting the strands of fragrance, relentless years, after rolling a few world time, deep in the bustling who treasure. Piper yearning love longer, pen and write not go, but the bead curtain curtain of chaos! Dream heart and soul, scattered the fingertips, the ink under the pity, but snapping fingers, ashes to ashes, suddenly, people have changed, in an instant, passing of night, the depths of past memory, the long time corner, pen is miserable strangers, a paper book length.

A residual chapter, mapping some prosperous, lost a few world of love, who will remember! Ask when can forget, the ink Danqing, a world of pain! One year old and one year old, the vicissitudes, the night breeze, twilight to injury, missing the smoke yesterday, count the stars, suddenly, the lights, the foreseeable future. If even dye through the feelings of missing notes, carry not live under the pen that moment of lights, the memories of a lifetime, and what is there to go? The world is changing, fade away when the downtown. Love period with no fixed, passing fleeting back but not for care. Today's tears ink inkstone, ink for the world! This all time, also can change several world everythings. Originally, there has been no to find my way in where!

Just after the millennium, the Mochi stream, Xu Liu to fly, and who can wash away the memory of the world? Deep affection of time, that the scattered, alone in between, add melancholy. Left, left some ink. Forgotten, fade away, when love, cherish who hair! The stranger, the tears has become a ruin. The fleeting time passing, remember who.
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