If time can

If time can

Mid life

Work, busy life, not from the color of smelting, sometimes down, at the foot of the road, sometimes up, I'm middle-aged.

Mid life, sometimes moving, sometimes can wait. Confucius said: 'man; at forty I had no more doubts'. Chew, taste a middle age stage, Limited company Hong Kong and not through an external social coordinate to measure, but by the mind coordinates middle-aged stage constant internal a clear insight, and take it leisurely and unoppressively. Middle age should have a calm, confident, firm. And do not fear the heart, can dispel doubts. The middle-aged life is built on confidence, a sense of achievement that the age of the heart, calm in the face of the pressure, was obtained from the world. People in the success of the middle-aged, confidence is not and external opposition of things, at this stage is the formation of the integration of mutual promotion. A poetic couplet: 'Taishan sea to the end of the day to shore up the top of the mountain, I am the peak'. This is the fusion of nature and human, is not about to conquer, defeat. But to a lifting middle-aged, a sentiment, a love of nature. Life is earnest. Conversely, a sway, could lose time, Accounting in HK may also lose one's real feelings.

In middle age, and with no doubts, this is the best time of life. Should go and live with addition, is continuously acquire should get something from this world, such as experience, wealth, fame, emotion, etc.. Also should go and live with subtraction, in middle age, should know how to leave, pruning, and courage, generous, pruning, rounding. The battle of sunlight, nutrients, water, don't pick fruit, be cut; cut off those with mildew, worms swallow leaves; and cut off the loss of function of branches; one one cut to what the performance of glory, now is not solid, greed, shameless, despicable redundant bud, without off gas to give. The rest is through the wind and rain, heat, cold frost. And trimmed, as has the resistance force body, confidence, responsibility, strong.

Mid life lamented the prime age, bathing time, but not at this age, feeling really understand life, only a short while ago heroic utterance, lofty ideals and high aspirations, the mighty river flows eastward. Wave washes, nine months, all corners of the country under the catch turtle. However, measures fall too much, in the gap, and unwittingly, in silence, Hong Kong Company Secretary in one's blood boils with indignation., a middle-aged man.
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