If time can

If time can

Arduino developers get extra support as Codeanywhere acquires Codebender

Codeanywhere, a cross platform cloud IDE for creating web apps and sites has acquired Codebender, another cloud IDE that enables users to develop for Arduino devices. This is Codeanywhere’s first acquisition and financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed mobile phone accessories.

Codebender and its additional services edu.cobebender.cc and blocks.cobebender.cc will continue to operate and be supported by Codeanywhere, and become tier one offerings of Codeanywhere, Inc. Together Codeanywhere and Codeanywhere will now have over 1M users on its platform cheap home office furniture.

HQ’d in Palo Alto, Codeanywhere has raised $848k in three rounds from seven investors and originally emerged from tech-savvy Croatia. It competes with Codenvy which raised $9M and was acquired by RedHat in May this year, and cloud9ide which raised $6.3M and was acquired by Amazon last year. So clearly Codeanywhere is now well-positioned bedroom furniture.

Founded in 2013 in Greece, Codebender has raised over $1M in capital and has attracted about 100,000 users and more than 300,000 projects are hosted in the platform, making it one of the biggest communities and code repositories of the Arduino ecosystem wismec presa.

Ivan Burazin, Codeanywhere’s CEO and co-founder said: “Codeanywhere’s roadmap includes the introduction of more developer tools, with the same vision as Codeanywhere; develop anywhere, anytime, with anyone, and adding Codebender’s products to our offering does just that HK VPN.”

“Giving codebender a home in Codeanywhere was a no-brainer to us. We’ve known them for a while, and after discussing this it was clear they could grow codebender to a great, sustainable platform, which is what we always strived for,” said Vasilis Georgitzikis, Codebender’s CEO.
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