If time can

If time can

Global business leaders

THREE IRISH SMALL and medium enterprise owners have been selected to learn from global business leaders Domestic Helpe.

The pilot mentors without borders programme is being run by the Small Firms Association, which says it will enable SME owners to soak up the skills and experience of senior executives from large corporates headphone amp.

The three Irish entrepreneurs selected to learn from the programme are Anne Cusack from Critical Healthcare, Cameron Wallace who is a founder of Eight Degrees Brewing and Kathleen Ward nuhart , who set up her own health clinic in Monaghan.

At the launch today, SFA chairman AJ Noonan said:

“Participants will develop the skills that one can’t find in the classroom – sharing the challenges mentors have faced and the lessons learnt throughout their careers and working to find solutions to current problems for Irish small business owners.”

The three mentors are Dr Jeffrey Alves, dean of the Sidhu School of Business and president of the International Council for Small Business, Janet Zablock, who is head of global small business with Visa and Jim Beers, who is a partner in Beers & Cutler accountancy.

The programme is being co-organised with the International Council for Small Business (ICSB).

ICSB executive director Dr Ayman El Tarabishy said that programme “gives an opportunity for leaders in the area of business, education, and policy to share their expertise and experiences internationally.”
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North Korea's missile

The U.N. Security Council will hold closed-door consultations on Thursday to discuss a possible condemnation of North Korea's latest ballistic missile launches, U.N. diplomats said.

The request for a special session on North Korea came from the United States, nuskin hk council diplomats told Reuters on condition of anonymity on Wednesday. The meeting of the 15-nation council was scheduled for 4:30 p.m. EDT (2030 GMT) on Thursday.

The U.N. mission of Luxembourg, which holds the presidency of the Security Council this month, announced on its Twitter feed that U.N. political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman will brief council members on developments on the Korean peninsula during the session.

In what appeared to be a show of defiance, North Korea fired two medium-range Rodong ballistic missiles into the sea at 2:35 a.m. Japan and Korea time (1735 GMT Tuesday), both Tokyo and Seoul said.

North Korea's first firing in four years of mid-range Rodong missiles that can hit Japan followed a series of short-range rocket launches over the past two months.

In Seoul, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok called the launches "a clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and a grave provocation against South Korea and the international community". South Korea is a temporary member of the Security Council.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's press office issued a statement condemning the latest missile launch.

"Such launches are contrary to building trust in the region nu skin. The Secretary-General urges the DPRK (North Korea) to cease its ballistic missile activities and focus, together with other countries concerned, on the dialogue and diplomacy necessary to maintain regional peace and security," the statement said.

Council diplomats said Washington was expected to propose a Security Council statement that would condemn the missile firings. It was not clear whether China, Pyongyang's protector on the council, would support such a condemnation, though it has been willing to back rebukes of Pyongyang in the past.

Deputy U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said on Tuesday, "We are closely coordinating with our allies and partners, including in the U.N. Security Council, to take the appropriate measures in response to this latest provocation and to address the threat to global security posed by the DPRK's nuclear and ballistic missile programs."

There is also a possibility, the diplomats said, of the Security Council's North Korea sanctions committee eventually expanding the current U.N. blacklist to include additional North Korean entities involved in Pyongyang's missile program Glass House.

Expansion of the blacklist would take more time and was not expected to be decided on Thursday, the diplomats said.

"The council should condemn North Korea and begin looking at additional measures against the North Koreans," a Western diplomat said.

According to diplomats, ballistic missile launches are banned under U.N. Security Council resolutions adopted in response to North Korea's 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests and subsequent rocket firings. The council expanded its existing sanctions after Pyongyang's February 2013 atomic test.

The council imposed a series of U.N. sanctions on Pyongyang that target the country's missile and nuclear programs and attempt to punish North Korea's reclusive leadership through a ban on luxury goods.
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The Ohio court overturned the ruling

A former Ohio police captain who spent nearly 15 years in prison before being exonerated in his ex-wife's killing could be headed back behind bars after an appeals court ruled that a judge was wrong to free him.

The ruling Wednesday comes a little more than a year after former Akron officer Douglas Prade was freed by a now-retired Summit County judge when new testing of a bite mark cast doubt on his conviction cardinal manchester. Prade had been serving a sentence of life in prison with parole eligibility in 26 years.

Following the ruling, another judge ordered Prade to appear in court Thursday morning so she could decide whether he should be sent back to prison or remain free while he appeals the court ruling.

Prade was released in January 2013, after Judge Judy Hunter decided there was convincing evidence of his innocence after DNA tests of the bite mark on Dr. Margo Prade's lab coat showed the DNA did not match that of her former husband.

On Wednesday, Ohio's 9th District Court of Appeals said the DNA testing only raised more questions than answers and Prade's original conviction was based on overwhelming circumstantial evidence.

"Without a doubt, Prade was excluded as a contributor of the DNA that was found in the bite mark section of Margo's lab coat," the ruling said. "The DNA testing, however, produced exceedingly odd results."

Each sample produced completely different results, the appeals court said. "While it is indisputable that there was only one killer, nu skin at least two partial male profiles were uncovered within the bite mark," the ruling said.

After the ruling, Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh sought a warrant to have Prade returned to prison. The prosecutor's office said it didn't know where he is currently living.

"In order to be exonerated, Prade and his attorneys needed to show clear and convincing evidence of his innocence - not simply create doubt," Walsh said. "They failed."

Prade's attorney did not return a message seeking comment.

Prade, who has maintained his innocence, was convicted in 1998 of shooting his 41-year-old ex-wife, a family practitioner, inside her van on the parking lot of her Akron office. There were no witnesses and no fingerprints, and no gun was found after the November 1997 shooting.

A test of the lab coat fabric showed it contained at least two and as many as five DNA profiles and none matched the former police captain's DNA.

A Summit County assistant prosecutor told the appeals court in August that the findings showed a possibility that the bite mark evidence was contaminated, perhaps before Prade was convicted and sentenced.

"The only absolute conclusion that can be drawn from the DNA results, however, is that their true meaning will never be known," the 71-page appeals court ruling said.

Prade's attorney said at the August hearing that new tests based on improved technology found only that the DNA came from a male, but not Prade.

Last month, Prade filed a lawsuit in federal court against current and former police officers, claiming he was framed.

He said after his release that he wanted to spend time with grandchildren he had never met and work with the Ohio Innocence Project, the group that helped free him, g-suite cardinal on cases of wrongfully convicted inmates.

"I'm just a jumble of emotions right now," he said then.
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Street lights and moths

One night the wind gently scratching itch, so that the dark night can not help a muffled laughter, in the air inside Dangqi ripples lonely.

Meniscus horizon that a bright hanging high in the night sky, a soft warm glow in the stars of the foil, dotted with the quiet earth. At this point, nu skin it is night. Past the bustling street now is desolate, just occasionally a few cars in the broad street flashed by, is not difficult to see from the fast speed in a day's work, they have been very tired, no mood to enjoy the quiet and easy, they just want to quickly back to the home, the comfort of a cosy nest in the service of the sleep, in order to eliminate work caused by fatigue.

The road on both sides of the white poplar is not the day that forceful momentum, it carries a thin layer of snow white branches droop, swaying in the breeze under the drive around, looks like a very sleepy creatures lazily to yawn, may at any time to enter the dreamland. The cold moonlight, the night breeze. In this quiet night, all already sleep, only the lamp stand on the side of the road, street lamps still shine, in the silence of the night of hard work.

It has a simple body, but has a remarkable achievement; it is the city's beautician, because it makes the whole city and they are in the night. Its brightness dazzles the eyes.; it is human friend, in every dark night for those tired people illuminate the way home. It is the street lamp! It work diligently and conscientiously, g-suite cardinal unknown to the public, no matter -- lose one's temper or expose to wind and rain; in hot summer or cold winter, it has insisted on own post, did not relax. His life is very simple also, rest during the day, night work, day so year after year past, although some boring, but very substantial.

However, in this unusual night, one of the guests from afar accidentally broke into the light world, changed his original -- the thin, weak Jiao Qu in the cool tiny shiver life, behind a pair of crystal gray wings still gently to the. She like the night in the wizard, walked with mysterious dance, jump beautiful dance, broke into the street in the world.

Street has been the unexpected guests deeply attracted, in his heart, she is like a beautiful Cinderella accidentally came to his side g-suite cardinal manchester. Her gentle temperament, melancholy eyes, all that is infatuated with him stupid, inextricably bogged down in. The jump beautiful dance in the street, and street lamp affectionate gaze as moths, suddenly, the world seemed to have only two of them, her dance for him, his head tilt for her.
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Ink language in China

Years such as the catkins, gone with the wind fly in the four seasons of life, freedom, like the wind. Ju Yipeng thoughts such as wine, drunk all desire, will all my thoughts flying in the wind, drifting into the sky at the end of NuHart......

The quiet, let your thoughts is wanton spread, subtle fragrance into the heart, pick up a pen, profit grip a simple but elegant, with a cup of tea, listening to a soothing soft music, quietly heart in between heaven and earth, light write our own life. Sentimental heart, gradually in the years precipitation. Enron in own world, silent love for words, leave deep shallow trace. Jiangnan style, still lingering, ink language in China, because a know NuHart, so at ease with a glance, a phase lead, immeasurably vast difference.

Put a note in the ink, twist a Mexican, over and over again with your name, Miss rubbed into the fragrance of ink, a drop of tears NuHart, overflow water tenderness, gently put you into my verse. Write something about meet, about fate, memory about things, let love grow whirling a leaf tree, full of Bodhi flower. A slight smile, my deep feeling, a Susan, spend their time. Between the lofty red, tender tender, review, our distance, lean the preexistence of attachment, save full of Acacia, light overflow in the apex. Give you my story, singing in the days, the constant thought, engraved in all the time, make a forever warm, so, quietly in the heart.

The night felt, Xinghe vast, month soft as water is infinite, bead curtain manjuan, Diaolan silently, the breeze feather, reluctantly bid farewell, Miss through time and space, through my fingertips. Search through the JX trip, there resides in the Mo flowers. Every word Acacia, grind ink, a fragrance. The heart and the heart of no distance, nothing can block the two love soul hong thai travel.

Who is it? Keep the Millennium lonely, staring at the human vicissitudes, through the moving picture scroll, reincarnation in the three realms, to thousands of the world's selloff, causal worthy of fate of the edge. Who is in the dream, we exhibit one handle, drunk that Confidante feminine heart? A millennium Guyun, song for you, a woman's feelings.

Cannot conceal, blinking eyes flowing out of season, in the most deeply moved. Any thoughts over the years past, immersed in the memories of the warmth, gentle, warm. In life, you will always be my spring. The lingering shadow, fixed in with your fragment, into the eternal moment!

Articles of emotion, follow a zither rhyme, blow Xiao cloud water, air, in the style of Tang Song Yuzhong Rondo, through a thousand years. Rain in Jiangnan, as if you are my destiny in agreement, only for this agreement, waiting for you, willow shore dressed in white snow young, Tianshan Edgeworth, gallop, through the trials of a long journey, stepping on the stone paved path encounters and I leisurely, encounter in the quiet long long quiet rain lane. The night wind whistling, with my clothes fly, walk in beautiful West Lake, lotus pond, meet the broken bridge, Jiangnan woman umbrella with, bridges people, a beautiful Jiangnan picture. With a smile, and then frames Millennium looking eyes, just to be with you again white dream that drunk through the long. No regrets design together with the times, in this life only to meet with you, no matter how time circulation, let love will never change......

In this way, and you, spend every night and day.

The night was quiet, shallow light. Face a window to listen to, the dim moonlight of a soft wind, float to love sweet, warm frozen heart, two Xiangxi heart clung together. Even if the hair become white hair, your appearance does not change, I will expect, azure misty rain, and I am waiting for you. Next time, I will wait for you, stand in situ, and so you come to me.
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