If time can

If time can

The invisible you everywhere

Accompanied by her laughter, casual and were walking in the crowd rushed past, and has no linger on the side of the road landscape of the road. But I somehow stopped, Dream beauty pro suddenly see you holding my hand told me one-liners slowly walk from there. Immediately, again, I was dragged back to me the days together with you, do you still remember?

It was raining, although I brought my umbrella umbrella but are not you. Instant occupied by a hint of regret and depressed in the heart, only remember I asked why don't you bring your umbrella when it is raining but you said no. Little lies but my heart is stuffed full of little happiness, because I know there is a boy he is willing to go with me on the same umbrella walking in the rain! But now the real feel with the people around let me no I was just doing a "princess" of the dream Dream beauty pro. Just dream already wake up but I still in the aftertaste, whether you will think of "dream" of me?

In the sounds of sisters, not skating I accompany her to the skating rink by the way, could you want to take a few days to fatigue are scattered on the pulley, Dream beauty pro allow yourself to relax. Don't listen to my command of skates when I want to let me see you again with a clumsy I carefully on the ground sliding at the same time seriously to teach me how to go skating. You focus of look in the eyes, thoughtful action, makes me feel all the boy can't give me an unprecedented sense of security, and the moment when I was in collision with people I'm not afraid, because I believe you won't let me injured, and it is also true! At this point, the fall of that a moment let me feel is so true, so intense pain before go without some pain, just know now is I a person, when the next time you was asked to teach them other girls skating whether you will remember my clumsy?

Now I contact you, if you will think of me? You are everywhere in my life. You from the street skating rink, umbrellas, Dream beauty pro step by step into my life, but now you can only in my memory.
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My life have no meaning

I always thought of losing you. I can't breathe. My heart will suffocate. My life have no meaning...

Now think about just understand. We just each other in the life traveler. Although helpless Dream beauty pro. But I still learned to let go. The original heart is really a voice. Only yourself can hear voice...

You are an angel. Let me know happiness. Know heaven. Know that I can be so happy and pure. You are a devil. Let me see the hell. See fickle. See my fragile Dream beauty pro hard sell...

Only in the lonely night. I still will not consciously think of you. I think of you lonely. But I think of you. I think of you shoulder shouldered burden. Carrying the burden of heart. Think of everything about you. Your tears will be in front of who drop. Your loneliness will have who accompany you through Dream beauty pro hard sell. I like a melancholy old woman. Over and over again in the heart to ask yourself...

Perhaps each person's heart is filled with two people, Dream beauty pro one person at our side, a person can only live in our hearts forever. I believe in your heart also lived a me. Maybe we will never meet again. Maybe in once upon a certain day. We will pass by in the crowd. But at that time we had forgotten each other's tenderness. I don't blame fate let I lose you. I don't blame someone. Because I believe life. There will always be the gain and loss...

Forgotten. Locked. I'm still me. Just a lock was great...
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If heart is moved, and travel

When idle, DuZhuo orphan works has its own QingHuan;

Busy, a lot of fear on a daily basis.

If a man tired, then depart Dream beauty pro,

If heart is moved, and travel.

Travel thousands of miles, over mountains,

The wind chase hot summer beautiful scenery.

High in the blue sky on the static see clouds scud across Dream beauty pro,

Feel the joy of the wind light cloud light;

In the ancient city of cultural taste historical sites,

Feel the time change.

The day of the summer, light time,

The hot summer, casual mood Dream beauty pro.

Blend in a fidgety heart ancient city of shenyang, pay the landscape, but said gu, ignore tedious, tea appreciation song, with the wind light language.

Aboard the flat top of the mountain of the pavilion, I chuckle relies on the bar, I would like to say speechless Dream beauty pro, you praise people or beautiful scenery beautiful?

Stand in a corner of the paper researches, I stood with a smile, I want to take photos, you say me handsome or very handsome?

Looking back at past the edge of the ancient city walls, I chuckled I wait for you, are you come or not...
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What we need is time

Time, will let us less pain. Time, always taught us to grow. What we need is time.
Always thought, fell in love with a person, we will have to be forever is not a change of heart, always think we can wait until mianmianzhong fate meet again. Long-distance romance on a string Dream beauty pro, when the clouds cleared, two intersecting line stagger, when we didn't know I but is in office
Always thought that we love someone, love, life and under etc. Go, until the vicissitudes of life change color, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. When everyone told us that don't need, he is not as good as you think, but we would rather believe oneself give oneself weaving fairy tale, don't want to believe that man said.
Always think that they love a person, love to do anything for him, love to the magnificent background until you turn that a lonely. Who first love, who first to leave. Always thought that the first person to turn is the best, watch favorite people far away, we think that is a lifetime, in my life, was he, in addition to him Dream beauty pro, none of us will not love again.
Heart is numb to the sentiment, the tears flow out, is there anything else you should always stick to, have been waiting for? There are some things that may not be as happy as we imagine, we are not as weak as you think. At heart ask yourself that, in fact, we have not in simply love this man, we just fall in love with his unwilling. Heart, no one willing to inferior to others, who want to own everything is beautiful, bar none
Ask, lose him, you really go to dead? Perhaps the moment yes, but after ten days, one hundred days later, after a few years? One day, you suddenly wake up, maybe you will think, why, once myself so not put, why, we were so anemic?
In fact, we love only a kind of mood. Beautiful like flowers and come to such as tea tea all over. We loathe to give up than anything else, just meaningless unwilling. Why, when I still love you but you do not love the first? Why, you so love me now but become so cold?
Trapped in the relationship of you, break up in this season, HKUE amec really grasped the significance? For the man who once, perhaps you really love, but you just love that it is impossible to get back and that has been scratching their memories. So, why don't you choose to put down, because, we hope our own happiness, we want to fulfill his own happiness...
Love can have a lot of time Although it is no longer love As long as love is enough. One flower one world, one a bodhi tree.
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According to Jiang's tour

While Saturday morning there is no class, I will be out of the house. Stepping on the steps, across the packet, alone to stray, wandering around the so-called, is nothing more than just, right, in order to prevent the boring, I brought my intimate partner -- the walkman.

Against Beijing on the noisy, came to the river square. See set up dozens of shed, thought, and is engaged in what promotion will strike, it's not my place to stay, then hurried on the dike.

A levee, gives people the feeling as like as chalk and cheese. Although Jinyang pawn, but after all, is the early days, it is not very hot, just look up and can not be directly. The wind is a bit large, across the river, with the water straight blowing my face, can put the micro Yang heat to go. Along the river walk, a stretch as far as eye can see the river with me without stop, there are green with me, a gentle breeze sent me, also do not feel lonely.

Random walk a, the Linjiang street. It is Linjiang Street ah, and Jiang only separated column distance, one not careful will fall feeling. The river, there are several of the old man fishing, and swing, and bar. However is not a fish figure out the river. At first I was laugh, smile why they are fishing for so long is not caught, then some take pleasure in other people's misfortune to walk away. But after walking a long way, I once again laugh, the laugh blush. Laugh at yourself even swing and rods are do not cut, I laugh others.

Then go down, came to the top office. There was a labyrinth that side, through the quiet place. There is a school, not tell is a primary school or middle school, the teaching building is not high, may be the primary school ", was named Linjiang. And look, is a path, it is a maze. It is some two cubits monk cannot touch his head, but the surface of fear is eventually arrived but strong curiosity and strong desire for knowledge, or walked past. The soles of the feet is no longer hard cement, replace sb. is soft soil, may be a few days before the rain invaded because of the strike.

Several grass warbler contend for warm tree but I have not seen, but the two peck Chunni nesting swallow attracted my attention, flying up and down, not fatigue. Mud, again and again, constantly.

Went to the depths, turns out to be some big warehouse. There is put the food, packed full Cangman warehouse, however each warehouse or standing or lying down with a tough housekeeping experts -- a dog, too, there are so many goods! Lost who is responsible?

Go forward, one can only barely two people, and is based on one side, through my personal or more than sufficient. Take a look at the past, I can not help but greatly disappoint one's hopes, but a family to accumulate a large pool fertilizer only, although it is somewhat difficult to into the nose smell, but also can resist the fragrance of the earth?

Helpless, only to turn back, but this and why? When it is all "continue to be found in the field of the known, the unknown constant exploration" this word to say.

The "path" cannot bear to think of the past, imperceptibly is already noon, the burning sun pawn, but this again? When the military, it is much more serious than the breeze, and has not gone? Perhaps more bigger? You never know!
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